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15 May 2020
The answer is simple, look at your support. Every business is looking at their finances and projects that…
07 May 2020
Refurbishment Blog
Most of us have at one point or another bought something second-user or refurbished, even if it’s just…
24 Apr 2020
Losses in Fibre Optic Transmission
Optical Fibre Loss / Attenuation Fibre optic cable is lighter, smaller and more flexible than copper and can…
17 Apr 2020
Password Security
Passwords are commonplace; we need them to access our phones, computers, websites, social media, banking apps and plenty…
09 Apr 2020
Lead Times
Anyone at the sharp end of an IT project or working in IT procurement will have seen usual…
06 Apr 2020
Staying safe online and offline
In Cloud
In a world where remote working is becoming ever more the norm, the opportunity that a home worker,…
26 Mar 2020
Optics 101
It is a common misconception that the world of pluggable optics is a complex one. Now, the technology…
19 Mar 2020
6 steps to successful remote working
We’re hearing from many of our customers that they are rapidly scaling remote work options for their employees…
12 Mar 2020
Old servers are an expensive asset
In Server
Why buy something new, when you can keep your existing hardware under support and keep it running, save…
04 Mar 2020
Juniper Contrail
Contrail SD-WAN enables you to create an evolvable architecture as you modernize your enterprise network. Use it to…
27 Feb 2020
It has been expected that 400G will take off ‘any time now’, but with the demand for higher…
19 Feb 2020
Artificial Intelligence in IT Security
Emerging technologies put cybersecurity at risk. Even the new advancements in defensive strategies of security professionals fail at…
13 Feb 2020
Everything seems to have AI in it now, from a phone to a fridge to an access point,…
30 Jan 2020
When anyone says AI, most people immediately think of 'little green men' or 'spaceships' and 10 years ago…
13 Dec 2019
In Cloud
It’s no secret that ‘cloud’ has become something of a buzzword in recent times.?Its virtues have been extolled…